State with No State: Tamil Nadu

‘Poverty is a state of mind’ – is an infamous quote from Rahul Gandhi.  But Tamil Nadu is in which state is not known even to the chief minister of the state.

Tamil Nadu’s Amma is powerful, but is staying out of power due to a popular Judicial verdict. Present state of the state is being questioned even by the state unit of BJP, which has no voice in the Dravidian homeland.

DMK supremo speaks with valid points to attack the chief minister Paneer selvam on no arrangement of seat in the assembly for people like him.

Amma is remotely controlling the state. The government is Amma’s but the label is different on compulsion.

There is not much anger on Amma at the moment in the state for the offences she committed decades back. But crime or offence is crime or offence.

Amma: Jeyalalithaa of TN

A friend of mine from the state quoted it as stateless state. He added, the state is with no head (a Tamil way to say government is orphaned with no leader).

The Present chief minister is not trying to prove he is best CM of the state. That is not the job given to him. He is trying to prove his sincerity to the Amma.

Amma state is having a very passive government, which is not good for Amma and her camp. Amma has to make the state to be as active as she was.

Any bad remark or remark of incapability on the government will put Amma’s name also in dark. This may give way to Karunanidhi’s DMK.

Both the Dravidian parties are already in danger since the elections as the new national government doesn’t need anything from the two parties.


Even Tamil Nadu has lost its special political attention in this government. It is not good time for Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu is not an orphan. Tamil nadu is passive for a reason. Let’s hope for the best.

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