Super Heroes: Heroic tales your mind craves

There is always a need for an imaginary world. Kids’ world is always a different world than us. But there is always a kid inside everyone. You feel happy when the reality is suspended. Otherwise, Reality is boring. Poets need Utopia, everyone needs super heroes.

Superman, was first conceived by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the Cleveland’s Glenville High School. It appeared first in ‘The Reign of the Superman’. Super man appeared in DC Comics. Batman too appeared in DC comics, While Spider Man appeared in MARVEL comics.

Most of the Fictional Super heroes were created for kids and the kids inside everyone of us.

If I were a bird, I would like to fly. But I am no bird. Most of the fictions make the Super heroes fly in the sky. The internal desire in every heart is to fly from the clutches of the world. We treat world as full of clutches. But the reality bites. You cannot fly.

Psychologically, every mind is treating world is an open prison. When the super man fly, your inner heart feel happy. It feels you are flying along the Superman.


super hero


In the series of Super heroes, it is Batman who is an ordinary man with no super powers. It is difficult to say the story of Batman than the other super heroes.

Super heroes are never born in the world in reality, but we need them. There are super heroes across the globe. Super man, spider man, Bat man, He Man, Captain America, Sakthi Man- tops the list.

Fantasy is a bigger business. All the Mythology in the world is full of fantasy stories. Gods & Evils are the base for all Fantasy stories. Super heroes appear in comics, cartoons, coloring books, movies, novels and children books.

Super heroes sometimes become as cultural icons. Power Rangers are  gods to kids. They will be everywhere from radio to films, cartoons to books. In reality, no super heroes came down to help anyone.

We do not like the reality. So we suspend the reality with the help of Super heroes. We need time out of reality.


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