Swiss Diary: Top of Europe


It was planned as a farewell trip for my colleague. I might not have planned for Swiss if he has not booked the tickets.

It was hast and hurry plan. But things went well.

The trip started from Brussels Nord station. We took train to Brussels international airport at Zaventem. We have booked tickets to Basel in low cost travel provider easy jet. It was all done by my colleague. From Basel we took train to Engelberg.

We reached Engelberg in the morning on a Saturday. The sky was clear and weather was nice. Went to the top of Mt Titlis by rope car followed by ice skating, cliff walking and ice flyer. You can see SRK and Kajol in Mt. Titlis.

I liked the cliff walking – I dreamt me like walking in the bridge shown in the Indian movie Roja. But the cliff was in iron.

Took Indian food in the mountain, the restaurant was run by local people but that taste was good. After SRK, this is another influence. There is a hotel by SOTC – a full Indian hotel.The weather was good and pleasant. As usual took snaps.

Next day, planned to go to Top of Europe, yes! Jungfrau. The Jungfrau railway is on the sholders of Jungfrau. The trains close by 5.45 PM local time. But everyone is getting evacuated for 5.45. Nothing to bother much.

We reached Interlaken to reach Jungfrau. Need to change trains to get to Jungfrau. Experience of Jungfrau is awesome. Panaromic view of the mountain and pitstops in the middle were amazing and were like introduction for Jungfrau.

Kapil dev – former Indian captain has played cricket in Jungfrau – on top of alps. Amazing to see that picture.

Railway system is amazing and not able to believe it was one man’s dream Adolf Guyer-Zeller.

But Adolf did not live until the end of the project. Adolf has statue which greets you at Jungfrau. Alps is beautiful across the train journey.

The Train was an amazing work by the engineer. This keeps the tourism very much alive.

There are around nine attractions. Panoromic view, ice cave, ice skating, ice sledging and sliding over rope (I forgot the name) were good. The biggest problem we faced was money. I sledged on ice for more than thrice. I became like kid and played in ice. Ice was not that chill. I felt like white sand. But it is worth to mention I had glows in my hands.

We were having Euros. Though Euros are accepted, in return you will get in franc for all the remaining you need to get.Swiss is more expensive. You need more money. But there is a cash machine (ATM) in Jungfrau attraction number 1.

It is better to have Swiss francs with you while you travel. Train system was so good – I liked it.

I liked the numerous tiny water falls across my journey. If winter of Jungfrau is a beauty, the summer is of other.

I am waiting for summer to go Jungfrau – Now.

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  • Shweta Dave

    Oh my….did you come to Basel. It felt so good to read this. I am based out of Basel am sure you would have thoroughly enjoyed your trip 🙂

    • Ct

      It was nice to be at Basel. Good to know you are based out at Basel.