Syrian Liberation – A Dream Bubble Floating Nowhere

What began as a civil uprising influenced by ‘The Arab Spring’ has morphed into a civil war generating the worst nightmares for Syrians. The uprising which gained its momentum during the first few months of 2011 demanded the resignations of the president Bashar al- Assad whose family members stick on the ruling chair since 1971. Besides the protesters demanded the end of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath party that holds the governments since 1964.


Syriyan Civil War

By April 2011 the army took the orders of the men in chair, and carried out armed attacks on the protesters to end the upraising. Ever since the peaceful opposition turned its face and the void found itself filled with armed agitation. The protest turned into a civil war tearing the Syrian land into pieces. Now that the war is more than two years old eating up the lives of more than 100,000 of whom half of the deceased are civilians. Death didn’t spare both sides either, the army and the rebellion forces.

The regime was backed up by Russia and Iran while the supplies for the armed agitators poured in from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Too many Islamists groups and other groups entered into the fight that made the situations only nastier. The Syrian land became the testing ground for weapons and the war game was played rolling- the lives of civilians- the dice. Millions, left homeless and hopeless, fled to the neighbouring countries as refuges to save their only possession, their very lives.


Syrian Crisis

The international condemnation didn’t prove its worth and the war turned from bad to worse. The Arab League’s isolation of Syria, UN condemnation concerns of the World nations nothing could play the requiem for the Syrian Civil war. This along with the planned genocide of the Tamils in Srilanka, have filled the dark pages of the world history of the 21st century.

The worst phase of any modern war is when the chemical weapons are used against innocent civilians, children and women and the elder. The perpetrated chemical weapon attack on the innocent civilians, a couple of days ago, is not the first of its kind in Syria. The Syrian regime is believed to hold the third largest reserve of chemical weapons in the world which finds its way back to the Chemical arms programme launched by Syria to counterbalance the nuclear programme of Israel. The regime too acknowledges the charge but claims that it would use it only if confronted by Western intervention. The world nations, including the US have already warned Syria over the usage of chemical weapons, and using them would mark the red line issue for Washington especially.


Syrian Civil War



The UNICEF has raised its concern over the number of Children who make half the count of displaced refuges. And their claim only accounts for the registered figures and if people who have crossed the borders unregistered are added up it would raise the count by several thousands. We see children and youths in the make shift hospitals, in scores lying on the floors choking for their lives. The weapon experts doubt strongly of the use of chemical weapons in the recent attacks which has claimed more than 1000 lives. NO one is sure about the toll, as not every dead body is located. The children lying dead with no traces of blood- with mouths ajar and frozen eyes starring the heavens- have shocked anyone with a live heart.

While the regime is stubborn in retaining the ruling chair, a Syrian civilian dream of a normal and peaceful life like the one that you and l live. Don’t they deserve it?

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