Tales from Other Lands – Part – II

The prime intention of the daily soaps is to entertain the home makers who stay back at home during the day time. This section predominantly happens to be women, in India. Since the target audiences are women, the soaps are designed to cater their sensibilities. The dose of sentiments and emotions always run high in them. They are designed in such away that they make one addictive. Just give a try if you wish, for a week or ten days. Choose a particular serial and watch it continuously for a week. You’ll notice that on the eighth day you’ll certainly be tempted to watch what happens next.

Regular viewers of serials will have a shift in their ideology and will be left with their outlook permanently altered. The fact is that the viewer is never aware of this, unless consciously he/she undergoes a series of self-interrogation secessions. Morality and logic are the traits one could find the least in any serial. The soaps come with different actors and crews, and different names. Yet, their content remains the same with minor modifications.

Viewers in our homes, may be your mom or wife or even your retired father, never get to miss a single episode of their favourite serial. When you get along with them a couple of days, during the air time, you’ll notice them prophesizing the upcoming twists in the tale. I’ve experienced it personally. One might wonder what might then attract them, as viewers, to follow these soaps, if they know the way the story progresses. Won’t they lose the curiosity to continue? This is something strange. This anomaly surprises me.

Later while observing their attitudinal trends on viewing, one could find that the viewers develop a kind of curiosity to check to what extent the show proceeds in the ways they had predicted. If the progress is in the speculated path, their ego is boosted. If not, the guessing game starts again. In either way the viewership is retained.

But how long could the producers milk this simple curiosity of the viewers? What do they do to tackle this and retain their audiences?

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