Tales from Other Lands – Part – III

The makers follow a simple tactics. The screen writer of the show goes on creating sub plots which is tenderly connected to the main plot. The reality is that no one, neither the makers nor the viewers, is bothered about the logical continuity of the story line. Both of them might well have forgotten how the story began a few hundred episodes ago. For a tale that began in yore, not even the screen writer of the story can have the perfect follow up.

No one ever bothers if the plot defies logic or contradicts societal outlook. With no severe censorship  or critical reviews and analysis, every day almost a moiety of the society views these loaded junks. In the Indian television channels, the number of serials has increased enormously in the recent few years. The channels seem to be bothered only about the TRB ratings. They don’t care what scrap is shown on them.

One might think, ‘what is the problem with passively viewing these soaps?’ No one is gonna remember a thing, after all. To understand this issue let us ponder over the contents and the intentions of the soaps. Prolonged entertainment is the primary motive of every serial. The increased number of episodes just helps the creative heads to breathe free, for they needn’t pressurize their neurons to hunt for new ideas to entertain. So a single soap fills the slot for even years, however worse the logicality of the content is. This model is something as easy as printing a news paper just by changing the dates, without altering the news items.

Since stretching the plot is inevitable to increase the number of episodes the plots are tailor made to serve the requisites. To blow up a story one needs more characters. If the plot is wound around a joint family, naturally one need not bother about inventing more characters. In a world where the family structure that has invariably shrunk into nuclear family, joint families seems to exist only in small screen.

Conflict is the soul of fiction. To bring conflict we need the polarities, good and evil. Worry not. Make the number of families two, and make one bad and the other angelic. The baddies always wait for a chance to defame the other family. They always plan in secrecy to kill, to burry, to murder…( Gosh ! All mean the same. But who cares.)

Ask your aunt to develop the plot which has the plans to trap the goodies and your granny to ponder over the ways to counteract and blow up the traps devised by the baddies. Make them sit together on any evening, while you’ve nothing good to do. Sip some hot masala tea. Mix up the aunt-granny duo’s narration and wow man; you’ve got a screenplay for a new serial ready in your hands. If ever you’ve a wealthy uncle, whom you can brain wash, congrats, we got the producer for the soap too.

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