Tales from Other Lands – Part – V

To worsen the case further these days there is a popular culture setting in. The national media moguls who own a Hindi channel do have regional channels. To cut down the costs, they fill their slots in regional channels with dubbed versions of Hindi soaps. This is cool business idea that the channel need not spend on a newly produced soap. It is enough if they bear with dubbing costs since they already own the rights to air the original Hindi version of that soap. Might sound casual but the effect it brings out doesn’t sound so.

India is a land of diversity. Unity in diversity is a cooked up idea, which helps to bind this sub continent together in spite of this socio-culturally diverse bouquet. Promotion of Indian nationality is indeed an idea of the capitalists to bind together the ‘Indian Market’ and to prevent it from dissolving down into smaller entities. The sensibilities of each culture have its own signature. So every entertaining programme that caters well in a cultural milieu may not fit into the other.

Without taking into account of this, the dubbed versions of daily soaps fill our eyes these days. Akin to Bollywood cinemas – which chiefly portray the lives of upper class and the upper middle class, ignoring the other sections of the society completely- the daily soaps too keep up with the same trend. These fictional realities never shadow the existing reality. No traits of it are comparable to most of our daily lives. This in a way seems to be a tactics to fuel up consumerism. The lives of rich in lavish exquisite Bungalows, are shown everyday on our tiny TV leaving many hearts to crave for such a life style. Also the customs of one culture may look absurd if viewed from the perspective of another culture. Yet these TV soaps are only in promulgating phase with no one worrying about these aspects.

Sparing no other choice rationalized viewing is the way to save oneself. Getting rid of them in a day is impossible, as it is akin to drug addiction. Regulate the number of soaps you watch initially. Slowly you can turn your attention towards something else. We have enough options offered by the idiot box. There is hence nothing to worry about. You may be interested in gardening, in reading, in cooking, in painting, spending time with your family members chatting at least. The ways are aplenty to spend ones leisure.

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