Tamil Nadu: Non-Active Karunanidhi and Absence of Jaya



It was the hottest hub of extravagant politics of India.

Tamil Nadu, the grand political playground is facing passive situation in the present day. Tamil nadu represents the Dravidian politics in the Indian map is facing vacuum after Jayalalithaa was muted by the legal system.

Karunanidhi’s DMK is constantly under down slide since the notorious 2G scam broke. Karunanidhi’s party is sinking very similar to Indian National Congress of the nation.

Tamil nadu parties were strong parties in national government for long time. This is the first time in recent past, Tamil nadu is missing its share in national government. Strangely, Tamil Nadu’s Amma or Anna Dravida munnetra Kazhagam(ADMK) is India’s third largest party.

Amma is muted and Karunanidhi not fully active. This is not good for Dravidian politics. Bharatiya Janata may try to utilize the present situation. Both DMK and ADMK don’t like this.

DMK is not demanding to dissolve the ADMK government. ADMK is distancing from BJP since last lok sabha elections. Tamil parties look BJP as next Congress. They have to play cautiously.

Jayalalitha has appointed O Panneer Selvam. OPS is trying to do his best.

The Story has no interesting twist at this moment. Tamil Nadu is missing the glitterati of its natural politics. Tamil Nadu’s parties are more or less Fan clubs of film stars. Still Tamil nadu is one of the developed states of the nation. Tamil nadu politicians might have corrupt but still the growth of the state is constantly amazing.

Tamil nadu produces more engineers. Tamil nadu is not worst model at any point of time.

Dravidian politics is not like politics of Maya or Mulayam or Lalu. Jaya and Karuna did never initiated large scale violence like BJP. Jaya and Karuna are corrupt, but they have not reversed the development of Tamil nadu.

Inactive Dravidian parties may be likable but may not be good for Tamil Nadu.

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  • rrajkumar

    You can not expect more from these corrupted Politicians!

  • Hariharan Vs

    I differ from you. Tamilandu has been having Dravidian party rule since 1967. It will be good if a national party, say BJP uses the vacuum and acquires power.