Tamil Youth Uprising – Lessons for Everyone


The younger generation of Tamilnadu has rewritten the general image of the youth and has accomplished one of the finest youth uprisingin the history of the world. They have rubbished many prejudices about the image of the younger generations on the whole by the elders and have shown everyone that they are equally or even more socially conscious than their predecessors. Let’s take a quick look on the lessons various strata of the society has learnt through this upraising.


Tamil Youth


The youth are not at all frivolous kids totally careless about the issues of their contemporary society. The biased image the elders had about their generation next is not just totally wrong but has been proven otherwise. If we might consolidate this youth uprising as their sayings to their parents and elders it might perhaps be ‘We are more socially aware and are more concerned about not just our future but the future of the society on the whole. So STOP WORRYING ABOUT US!’

The ultimate surprise the uprising has brought loud and clear is the fact that young bloods still believe in non-violence. This is rather very important, which stunned even social analysts. History has seen many youth/ student uprising in the past worldwide. Yet, most of them change their tracks and fall in the hands of violence. The recent exemplary upraise of the younger generation has given a model to the rest of the world, how a raise the voice against suppression without resorting to violence.



The politicos have been addressed overtly that their techniques of namesake nationalism, religious fanaticism and other such fanciful political gimmicks are outdated. They could not be just used as manipulating tools to back vested interests any more. Dear political power houses please grow up. This generation X seems not to fall for your eloquences and dramatic fake promises thrown to the crowd during your emotional speeches. Yes, they are seeing it enough and more in the silver screen.  So act and respond honestly and prove yourself so as to deserve the power the citizens have given you.

Any social change comes only from the student community and the rest of the society has to just bow to and oblige and render the support to them. They have higher social consciousness, and are more self responsible than we have all ever imagined. The spirit to synergize their capabilities for the welfare of the common good has been proved in actions and just in words.

The Upraise was almost spontaneous that has been neither initiated by political parties or by personalities. They had unanimously opted to stay away from the support of any political parties, during the protest. Besides political parties no film personalities were allowed to join them. This approach clarified the world clearly that they didn’t want their protest to rub shoulders with the glamourous film stars or be painted as a protest initiated and guided by political parties. They were very clear that this is pupils’ protest (which later embraced the public and morphed into people’s protest).

In the national media the outlook of many was like ‘Is it necessary to raise voices to this intensity in support of a sport? ’ The simple response to this is ‘You have perceived it wrongly folks!’



Amid the Tamil people there were many unaddressed issues and those addressed were against their welfare.  Be it the Fisherman Issues with the Lankans, or Cauvery water allocation issue with Karnataka, or Mullai Periyar issue with Kerala, or Methane, Kudankulam projects the Tamils’ welfare have been deceived. Hence there has been a kind of cumulative pressure building among people across the state. And this ‘Jallikattu ban’ has just become the tippling point and the youth took on to the streets. The public joined hands with the youth, only to vent their suppressed anger and dislike and disapproval of the way the governments’ muteness towards their appeals, on the whole.

If ever the governments, both centre and the state, had to address their problems they must yield to taking steps on redress the injustice done to them in the past.

But hopes are less, looking at the way the uprising was brought to a grinding halt by the police force, clearly stating the people in the power are not in a welcoming mood to what’s happening.

At the time of writing this article, police has invoked 144 in Marina, the heartland of the upraising, after the news of invitations circulating in the place to reboot the Uprising.

Welcome to Democracy!!!


NOTE : All the images used here are those that went viral in the social networking platforms during the week long uprising.


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