PM or Tamils: Who is more Tolerant?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (left) presenting Mr Modi with the front page of Tamil Murasu, dated Aug 11, 1965

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (left) presenting Mr Modi with the front page of Tamil Murasu, dated Aug 11, 1965

Tamils are tolerant enough and did not criticize the Prime Minister Modi in media or public. You may need to understand two events linked with Mr. Modi for understanding this.

Scene 1:

K. Visalini, Young Achiever from TN

Visalini – She is the youngest person with highest IQ on the board. Her IQ level is 225. She holds 5 world records. She is just 15, currently pursuing an engineering Degree. She was called to interact with Prime minister of the nation. She questioned the prime minister “how I could serve my country in best way?”

Hold on for a sec, I am not going to speak about the answer. I am going to take another leaf from this interaction. She did ask the question in English. The language she and the PM can understand.

With no hesitation, the Prime Minister did answer in Hindi. Shocking Tamil Media asked her “Was She able to understand?”. The Intellectual said “Yes” as she did stay for few years in Haryana in the past.

This information was a news even for the media. Most Tamils cannot understand Hindi. I am not touching the Language debate. It is politics or any reason – Hindi is not into schools until recently. In any conversation it is better to speak in a language that both parties understand.

The shock here was with no hesitation, PM spoke in Hindi. No vein in his brain thought – can the other side understand what is he speaking?

Scene 2:

Malaysia & Singapore Industrial trip. The Prime minister of India takes effort to speak in Tamil. Most millionaires of this two rich countries are Tamils. Singapore is largest trading partner for United Kingdom with large investments.

Are there any correlation between these scenes? Perfectly yes.

People from Indian community click photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he arrives for the event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Sunday.

Indian Diaspora in KL, Malaysia. Most are Tamils.

The Prime minister of the nation did not do homework to speak to the young achiever and five world records holder in English or Tamil. English would have been easy as most of the Tamils (even Autowallas in the state can speak broken English) are good at English. But he did not worry about it.

The Same prime minister tries his level best to speak in Tamil for the rich. Because he sees a profit in speaking in Tamil but he doesn’t care about interaction with an intellectual. Modi seems to be a business man than a statesman.

Tamils did not call Modi as language Chauvinist for his Hindi words. Tamils did not call him as great business man for his Tamil Lecture in Malaysia or Singapore.

I think, Tamils are tolerant people. They accept you irrespective of you speaking in a language they know or not. For that matter they like or not. Certainly, a high level of Tolerance – even his party has to learn.

Is the Moral of the story – Prime minister only speak the language of Rich and not the language of the learned?

Long Live Tolerant Tamils!!!


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