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We use certain words in our day-to-day life more frequently, sometimes as much as we use ‘hello’. Yet, it’s usual to stammer while we try to define those frequently used term or to decipher a specific meaning of that word. One such word to me is ‘Technology’. Almost every day, from class room lectures to WhatsApp chats, I’ve been using this word. In the earlier phase of news paper reading in my student life, I spent most of my reading only in the science and technology sections and columns regarding that. After the advent of reading news in the digital platform, the news reading experience has changed altogether.  Page turning has now been replaced by clicks and double clicks.

Every now and then, I stop by the technology sections of the news aggregators, at least to graze the headlines. In the recent years, however, I find a drastic change. Not just a moiety, but almost every news item that appears under the technology section of any main stream media happens to be on cell phones. The news items range from the announcements of the upcoming models of phones from various companies, their specifications, their might-be features, news about the service provider and market talks related to those products. Even if other news items do appear, the numbers are relatively scarce.

The search for the definition of ‘technology’ yields, ‘the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry’/ ‘the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering and applied sciences’. Further the search lets us know that the word ‘technology’ comes from the Greek word ‘tekhnologia’ which means ‘systematic treatment’. They provide a clear meaning of the term. But, what’s the main stream digital media providing lately? What will a tech savvy kid, who surfs the net hunting for tech news in news aggregators end up with? You can imagine.

This trend might be approached in either ways. The news aggregators are probably designed in such a way to feed news items based on popular demands. Or the news media highlights and prioritizes news on cell phones and other similar gadgets over the rest. If you still aren’t convinced with what my view, just browse through the technology section of Google news.

(The chances of the news media aggregators partnering with the tech companies to highlight  their products and related news could not at  be ruled out here. After all, paid news will certainly boost sales on products, in this case.)

While I did this by myself, I got about like eight in ten news items pertaining to cell phones, any you know what, the other two were on gaming industry. I was left baffled; Wordless. I occasionally click on to news updates on cell phones and gadgets. So the logical conclusion of my search history or click patterns influencing the prioritization of the news items easily gets ruled out.

A whole new generation reading almost entirely online might easily assume that technology is only synonymous to cell phone technology. Chances are there, and there is no denying it.



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  • Hiral Amodia

    Good read!! Good lesson and good irony!!

    • Jo

      Yes, Irony, indeed !