The Biopic Man of Tamil Nadu

A Still from Mani Ratnam’s IRUVAR (The TWO)

It is quite a big challenge in cine field where super stars and demigods come. It is a land of Super Star RajiniKant. Tamil Cinema is famous for glitterati and talent which has appreciation over the nation and even outside the nation.

Post Independence, Tamil Nadu witnessed too many biopics ranging from well received Veerapandiya Kattabomman(First King to stand against) to ill-box office Kappalotiya Tamilan (A Tamil Drove ship).

It was proven that in South India, biopics fail in box-office. It was Ma. Po. Sivagnam felt, it was a need to say the story of Freedom fighters though it has high chance of failure in box-office.

The Experiment of biopics were not encouraged by producers for longtime.

Movie Poster of Ramanujan

Kamaraj – Biopic on K Kamaraj, One of the great CMs of the state

Off late, there were four biopics which hit the screen Bharathi, Kamaraj, Periyar and Ramanujan. Making these biographies is really herculean task. Bharathi was not backed by any funding political party. But Periyar and Kamaraj had political support. Ramanujan was produced by young enthusiastic producers.

Out of these four biographies, three(Bharathi, Periyar and Ramanujan) were made by GnanaRajasekaran – the man, who hit the silver with famous novel Mogamul (thorn of Lust) of T JanakiRaman.

Bharathi was well recieved. It was a biopic of great poet – Subramanya Bharathi. Though it was not able to capture all the spectrum of the poet’s life, it was an admirable effort by GnanaRajaSekaran.

Gnana Rajasekaran - Tamil Biopic Maker

Gnana Rajasekaran – Tamil Biopic Maker

A Still from Periyar

Periyar was again well received. It was a biopic of great social reformer of the state – Periyar E V Ramasamy. Periyar was the father Dravidian movement in the state. Periyar’s life had more dimensions. The Movie was able to capture most of it.

Ramanujan was a movie based on the life history of great mathematician Ramanujan. It was a great effort again.

We need to appreciate the great efforts to make the life immortal in the celluloid by biopics. The Biopics are most required for a well learnt society. GnanaRajasekaran does his best.

Maniratnam’s IRUVAR was a more compromised partly biopic story of two tall politicians of the state, MG Ramachandran and M Karunanidhi but a novel approach.

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