The Broom has swept well this time



AAP Victory


A sweeping victory may not be a perfect way to comment on Delhi election results and the resurrection of AAP yesterday. The party has achieved something beyond that. Presenting 67 out of 70 seats to AAP the Delhites have responded, again, loud and clear that they want the change. Besides they have also shown the nation that a mere image building strategy of Mr.Modi won’t work all the time, everywhere. A year ago, on the Valentine’s Day, when AAP founder Arvind Kejriwal stepped down as the CM of Delhi, he was targeted and questioned in every possible way. The national political parties had commented negative, and their responses sounded like, “See dear people, you gave a common man a privilege and he has littered it and let you down”.

During his brief tenure that lasted 48 days, Mr.Kejriwal was so desperate to pass the Jan Lokpal bill, upon which he had built his entire election campaign then. But with a mere 28 seats the party couldn’t actualize it. Post Modi led BJP’s sweeping victories in the last assembly elections and the consecutive fair enough victories in the regional elections that followed, had given them an unshakable hope to the saffroners a blind hope that they might surf in the same Modi wave. Yet, bringing Kiran Bedi to their camp and fervent campaigning has already shown their lack of conformity of their public support in the national capital.


Kejriwal with Chota Aam Aadmi

Kejriwal with ‘Chota’ Aam Aadmi ! 🙂


The pre-poll and exit-poll surveys have all blown their whistles for the Aam Aadmi’s . However the results has surprised people who still believe in democracy beating the survey claims of 45 seats to an astonishing 67 seat victory. Right from the morning it was clear that AAP leaped to the victory ladders unchallenged. By the end of the day BJP almost died and Congress dead beyond doubt.

Pondering on the election manifesto of the AAP this time, it looks like a mix of practicalities and some fantasies. While revival in the education system, reviving river Yamuna are certainly the need of the hour, could therefore be welcomed, some other installation plans of a whooping 1.5 million cameras in the city for women’s safety make one’s brow notch twitch. On Feb 7th, Maharashtra government awarded L&T the project of installing around 6,000 CCTV cameras in Greater Mumbai. The project is quoted to bear a price tag of 950 Cr in rupee. Even on paper this would show us a tedious figures for the numbers coated in the manifesto. Relatively the idea of setting up Woman Security force is more practical and cost efficient. With a clear majority the Broomers have a lot to clean up in the capital, and every aam aadmi hopes they will.

Good Luck !

P.S: The cover image here caught my attention that trended in the social media. It came to my eyes through the Polit Bureau member Kavitha Krishnan. The next one if from Mr. Kejriwal’s official FB page posted yesterday.



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