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Cinema is the most powerful medium of all. The tremendous impact that it creates over the viewers is incomparable. A true cinema is a work of art that stands the test of time, breaking the barriers of language. No other media, like cinema, is capable of attracting the masses and bring about a change in their attitude and perhaps their way of living itself. Humanity, fear, love, vengeance, patriotism, humour, lust, faith… whatsoever, cinema is a perfect medium to portray anything and everything.

The power of a true cinema remains the same. Even after decades, a good cinema holds the capacity to deliver the same impact, that it created among viewers, while it was first screened.  Indeed, this is the strength of cinema. From day one of its invention, cinema keeps transforming our lives, besides transforming itself. From silent to talkies, from talkies to colour cinema, and its entry into the latest digital era, cinema never fails to reinvent itself from time to time, sustaining its glamour and luster. Cinema 5

Almost every one of us perceive cinema as a medium of entertainment. But, sadly only very few approach it as a serious medium. The irony is, even among the makers of cinema the same style of approach prevails. Thankfully, there are a bunch of filmmakers almost all the time, since the dawn of cinema, who approach it with a professional seriousness and keep experimenting with this art form. They pursue their never ending quest towards meaningful cinema.

I have heard many saying cinema is the root cause that tempts people to go astray. But I never buy it. One’s mind gets corrupted not by cinema, but certainly by his choice of cinema. As a cinema lover, one is set to search for diamonds amidst a heap of dust. To me making cinema is not alone an art. Choosing one and watching it in a proper way is an art, as well. A good cinema never keeps the viewer passive. It never makes the viewer a mere spectator, but takes him into it. A true cinema begins in the mind of the viewer only after he leaves the cinema hall, said a famous director (Oops! Forgot his name), in one of his interviews. A good director, through every frame of his work compels the viewer to think in the line of his thoughts. He engages the mind of the viewer through his visuals, preparing him to explore the hidden meaning behind those frames.

A meaningful cinema is multi-dimensional. Here I wanna approach cinema from subjective point of view. The same cinema while approached through different dimensions and explored across its multi-layers, would provide us with never ending views and thoughts. That is indeed the enigma of a good cinema. Let us together explore some great works and evolve some ideological understanding of that work of art and appreciate it.

We’ll contemplate works with questions that are capable of taking us to the purpose of that film. Questions are in a way, a good tool to hunt true meanings. So, come, lets both set our quest for diamonds. Well began is half done. In order to understand and appreciate cinema better, along with films, we’ll also concentrate on the history of films, and small articles on film makers and of course about film making, in this section of Creofire.




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