The ‘Green’ Trolls


Green and Hate


Every colour in every culture has a signified meaning. The dress codes for different occasions signify the message the colour codes carry. For instance black symbolizes sadness/mourning when worn to a funeral. Green across civilizations is considered as the representation of nature. It symbolizes growth, freshness and fertility (of land generaly). But a same colour may symbolize different things in different cultures or even at different time periods in the same culture.

The tricolor flag of India also has green colour. Philosopher and the first Vice President of independent India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, in his words described the meaning of green in the tricolours symbolize as ‘The green shows our relation to the soil, our relation to the plan life here, on which all other life depends’. Even today India is described as an agricultural nation.

All over the cricket playing nations we witness the world cup fever going high. Among the cricket fans all over the world colours mean different. Even dailies in their sports column refer the Indian team as ‘Men in Blue’. Given the unflinching progress of the Indian team so far fans across the sub continent are following the game with roaring cheers and wishes. It has been decades since the Pakistan Vs India matches are perceived as war in the field than a game. Somehow Indian fans have unanimously made the Pak team as their arch rivals and the field literally sets on fire whenever these teams meat. No other victories against the other mean so much to the fans and so is losing game. A lot of geographical politics has gone down the veins.

Apart from the usual hoopla over the Feb 15th victory, I notice a new trend catching up this cricket season. After India won Pakistan in the league match the usual teases began to circulate in the social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. Most of the remarks centered around two colours- Blue and Green. One can easily understand that green refers the Pakistan’s team. I found nothing unusual with it. But as Indian team inked more victories against South Africa on Feb 22nd and has registered the latest victory against Bangladesh in the Quarter finals the trolls took on a different track.

Lately I received quite a few wallpapers shared in different Whatsapp groups all sharing the cricket trolls, of course inadvertently, hoping to have some fun within the group. The trolls have slowly shifted their attention from mocking Pak team on the whole towards the green colour. Despite other victories that the Indian team has registered by far I’d mentioned just two because during and after the match days, the South African and Bangladesh as teams were spared but the colour of their uniforms seem to have gathered the attention instead. (Both teams have uniforms in green). As Indian team face Australia in the semi-finals, a troll favouring team India I came across reads ‘Hey! We would spare none in green folks. Remember you’ve a trace of green!’





Need not mention the Islamophobia across the world that geared up post 9/11 and the recent ISIS has only fueled the hatred against Muslims. Since green is associated and identified as the representation of the Muslims globally, these trolls have the Islamophobic undercurrents and quite a lot of people keep sharing it without reading them between the lines.


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