The Plunderers of Cricket

Cartoon from Neelabh, from

Cartoon by Neelabh, from

Daily Telegraph, the Australian Newspaper once called BCCI President in exile, Mr. N. Srinivasan, as the ‘cricket’s most destructive figure’. The recent detailed, furious observations of Supreme Court more or less conveyed the same message. It is often said that the game of Cricket is like a religion in India. May be that’s why these moneygrubbers are acting out like unlawful god-men, who could do anything in the name of religion.

For the past seven or eight months SC has expressed its skepticism over Srinivasan’s position within BCCI, India Cements and CSK. But, BCCI has found nothing wrong with its president. Recently, Mr. Srinivasan was cleared by Mudgal Committee on the betting and spot-fixing accusations, and so he heartily asked SC to reinstate him as BCCI President. He got the fitting reply from SC, which raised the questions about Srinivasan’s conflict of interest. His duty as BCCI president consistently clashes with his ownership of CSK.


Srinivasan’s special secretary in BCCI, Mr. Kasi Viswanathan also happens to be an employee of India Cements Limited. Dhoni, captain of Indian cricket team, CSK also happens to be the Vice-President of India Cements. Another important fact is that Mr. Srinivasan is also the chairman of International Cricket Council (ICC). So, conflict of interest is rampantly running within the cricketing world, where the bigwigs are calling power-plays off the field.

Nevertheless, the conflict of interest pointed out by SC runs throughout the entire Indian Sports Authority. BCCI claims that charges and observations are aimed to destabilize the board, while most of State Cricket Board authorities are rallying behind Srinivasan. Bengal Cricket Association’s President and the interim BCCI Chief Mr. Jagmohan Dalmiya has extended his support to Srinivasan, who himself was once ousted on the charges of corruption. Now, Mr. Dalmiya is all set to seek a third term as BCCI’s chief (elections to be held on December 17th).

Few months earlier, Srinivasan’s Brother Mr. Ramachandran also faced a serious case of conflict of interest, forgery and manipulation. He is the head of Tamil Nadu Squash Rackets Association and was elected in February 2014 as President of Indian Olympics Association. That gives us an example about the qualified personalities in the top chain of Indian Sports board. Mr. Srinivisan and his son-in law deserve the court’s contempt and punishment, but there are whole lots of players out there, who are either in slumber mode or actively pursuing money by stepping on sportsmen’ dreams.

It is said that Mr. Srinivasan’s favorite novel is Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather”, and may be planning out offers one can’t refuse.


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