The Living Buddha- Part- II

By midnight, a howling wind shook the windows violently, rattling them. A spine chilling wind slipped through the window, waking up the monk. Whiled he curled up within his blanket, half-asleep, the thought about the old man flashed in his mind. ‘Poor old fellow! What have I done? Is he still there?’ Raising questions woke him up.

It was a moment of self-interrogation for the monk. A debate started in his mind. His heart accused him of being merciless on that poor old man. His ego however counter argued. His mind swung like a pendulum between these two extreme mindsets. He had already lost his sleep and peace, and is completely awake. ‘He would’ve left the place just after I shut the door. No fool would wait’. This soothed him a little. Yet, another parallel thought also run like, ‘What if the cold had frozen the vulnerable man?’ This thought made him restless, that he could not lay in his bed anymore.

He hurried to the front door; flung it open. The monk was utterly shocked to see the old man laying on the steps, almost frozen. His body was numb, like a vegetable. The monk cursed himself of his inhumane act and dragged him inside the shrine. He laid him on the hallway, upon a futon. He then set a campfire near him. Slowly the flames grew bright, hot, and began to eat the cold. The man started to show some movements now, thanks to the heat.

Monk went straight into the prayer hall with dripping tears and fell in front of Buddha. He confessed his blunder. Time slipped and he slept right there on the floor. It was already dawn while he woke up. The moment he was awake, the thought about the old man also woke up instantly. The monk rushed to the hall. What he saw there stopped his heart. Any Buddhist would have felt the same way, indeed.

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