The MO matters more than the issues


In over its two years of digital presence Creofire has responded only once to the comment over an article with another article exclusively. It was over the piece of writing that pondered ‘The Wendy Doniger’ issue on grounds of freedom of expression and insisted upon the necessity of pluralistic approach in understanding history. Since then we have never felt compelled to spread our take in open. For two separate pieces of writings over a gap of almost a month we had received comments that politely disagree with our views and comments on the current BJP regime. There are few questions those comments throw upon, points out the exploitation of ‘paid media news’ that leads to the false probaganda of the Governance of the Centre in India.

I feel compelled to respond to them not by a comment but with this piece of writing itself.

At the first place we are not Anti BJP. We have never stood or favored any political ideology here. We just share our rationalized views on the politics around us and throw some logical questions that arise from a common man’s mind. They are just sane reactions of the current realities. And more importantly we, to date have not written a single article for personal gains or benefits.


Being Neutral


First in response to the article ‘Secularism on Paper’ dated 14/09/15, reminded us briefly on the actual history of meat ban. That article in its core doesn’t talk about the meat ban as such but its intension was to observe the influence of the RSS in the Governance of the Centre and meat ban was just a currently pressing national issue it referred to. The issue was not on the ‘ban on meat’ but how that was brought into force and tackled while it turned into a issue of national sensitivity.

That comment quoted that the ban had never been brought into heated debate during the days of Congress led UPA, over the past decade, but now all fingers pointed on BJP led Center. If ever the ban had been so sensitive, in the past, to the degree of claiming a life in the name of reclaiming the religious sanctity wouldn’t that have attracted heavy condemnation? So telling that way is nothing more than a blame game to deviate the current issue out of its primal focus. Has there been an alarming outcry both in the intellectual and public circles in the past, on grounds of threat to secularism or pluralism as elaborate as now? (In the past Creofire has registered its criticisms over the pro-corporate approach of the former UPA. We are curious in tailing the truths and not fanning party ideologies be it any.)

Then to the recent article ‘Meet the Meat’, dated 12/10/15, the comment invites us to ponder upon the validity of the news on’ misrepresentations of BJP ideologies’ (!) and raises concern about the intensions paid news. Also it questions, is it right to blame the Center for some mishap that happens in some states?

If the view of paid news and misleading digital media is brought in now, shouldn’t it be also applied to while the same media, hailed Mr. Modi, just over a year back? Its history now how, the then Prime Ministerial candidate, Mr. Modi had made his best through the media, both printed and digital, to boost his political image. Is it fair to condemn the media now while it turns its fingers against the Center? And if one doesn’t agree that if not for media’s role the ‘Modi wave’ wouldn’t possibly have gained the monumental amplitude that the world had witnessed, could that be perceived unbiased?




And if some mishap happens in the states ruled by BJP, should not the same party that rules at the Center as well, intervene and set things right, for the party has common head(s)? If Mr. Modi is there to take (or he is showered with by his fans) the praises on account all the achievements of the ruling government, in any state for that matters, is it logically wrong to urge him to take up the responsibility for the setbacks in the poor handling of the sensitive issues, at least in states where his party rules? How can one who is ready to make a toast for good and remain unwilling to take the blames, if there be? And even the very thought of questioning whether would anyone blame Congress for 2002 is baseless and illogical argument; for if ‘2002’ had unfolded its tentacles from the Congress camp, beyond doubt, all rationalized minds would have claimed the Centre responsible?

We reinstate that we are not Anti-BJP. We just question the long (11 days) silence of the Center to react and respond to all the mayhem that has just unfolded. What message does this delay in response imply? How could that silence be translated?


P.S: Our prime intention of this writing is to give the topic a little more ideological clarity and our approach towards it. In no way it is intended to wane the take of the friend who has shared his comments. We respect his point of views- everyone has all the right to hold his/her view- yet we feel to decline if found inappropriate.



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