The One Word Magic

Ever wondered, what makes the achievers work like anything and achieve things that the rest of the world thought impossible? Hard work, you might say. If so what drives them work like crazy? What initiates them to do things that anyone else would dare to attempt? Its one magical word, a feeling, that dwells deep in their hearts. It is ‘Hope’.

Edison failed thousands of times in his attempts to invent the electric bulb. However, every time he reinvented his hope. This undying spirit drove him every time to begin his research from scratch. He lit the world by his hope. Whenever a bulb glows any where in this globe, it illuminates the surroundings not only by light but also by Edison’s hope.

Imagination is a spark that initiates any idea. The winners are those who achieved what the world had mocked as insanity by then. Accomplished things, which others believed unachievable. Only the burning spirit inside their hearts made these possible.

When Sir Arthur C. Clark, the iconic science fiction writer, wrote tales about rocket missions, the readers doubted its possibility in reality. The world suspended it as a mere fictitious exaggeration. It was in mid 1930s. When Russians launched Sputnik-I in 1957, doubts replaced with awe. It exemplifies as strong evidence that today’s science fiction may well be tomorrow’s reality.

Hope is the antidote to all the pessimism that sprouts from that human mind. It is the only medicine, which comes without an expiry date. Added bonus is that it comes completely free and is unlimited for sure.

Nowhere it can be manufacture in the world customized for yourself and be delivered at your doorsteps. People whom the world hails achievers are those who had done extraordinary things and achieved the unachievable. Their deeds speak aloud nothing else but their hope. For those have ears may hearth!

“If I fail, I try again and again, and again. If you fail, are you going to try again? The human spirit can handle much worse than we realize. It matters HOW are you going to finish. Are you going to finish STRONG?
– Nick Vujicic
When I came across this quote, it just made me feel, ‘Ah! Another quote, on Hope!’. When I learnt who this Nick was, I got blown off. Nick was born in Australia. He was born with a rare disorder tetra-amelia syndrome, characterized by the absence of all the four limbs. He was otherwise a healthy kid. He overcame his disability with his matchless hope. Currently he is a preacher and a motivational speaker. He is now flying worldwide and spreading his hopes through his lectures. He is also the director of the non-profit organization ‘Life Without Limbs’. The idea of hope sounds viral. Let us finish strong!

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