The Rat Race Loop



Life is precious. It’s a rare gift. You should strive hard to deserve that gift… Work hard! Earn More! Live Happier! … This might probably be the words of a motivational speaker; a business motivational guru to be precise.

Education is your asset. Learn more and work hard. Get yourself a better job that comes with an attractive pay package. Then you might lead a better and happier life forever… These might be the exciting words of some teachers or professors from your learning days.



Any piece of advice that is offered to you during your youth days might have similar tonalities, perhaps with different phrases. Well, what is the purpose of life? I don’t ask it from the philosophical point of view but merely from the existential perspective. Other important questions that often pops in our mind might be these; ‘What is happiness? How do we define it or gauge it?’

In both the aforementioned examples we might see one common aspect. Happiness is, in one way or the other, connected to money. You’re told repetitively that minting more money and accumulating more wealth is the road to happiness. This is reiterated at various levels of our lives. This input comes from a variety of sources and forms. Our brains are at one point are almost pre-programmed to believe stubbornly the pursuit of happiness is synonymous to earning more.

The design of consumerism is simple in its core. No individual has free will. Everyone is made live in an illusion of having a choice; they are made to believe they are ultimate controllers of their own happiness, that deriving happiness is always their personal choice. The intelligence in the design is to make you believe that you define your happiness, while in reality somebody else is actually doing that. Too tricky! Isn’t it?



A vast majority of us are convinced to believe that the ultimate aim in life is to settle down in a financially secured life and being able to buy everything we wish for, is the key to happier life. All the goals in life, that we set for ourselves is either directly or indirectly bounded with monetary benefits. Very few us an enlightened enough to understand that, after all, money can’t buy everything. The capitalistic set up gives you a pseudo-motivation to work hard (where a major part of the fruit of hard work of the working class will be looted by the capitalists), earn more (so that your buying capacity increases) and buy more (so that their sales shoots up and thus more profits can be made by them).

And, no, it doesn’t stop there. It’s a never ending loop that goes on and on. In the name of motivating to lead a happier and better life they the capitalists make sure that their pockets get filled forever. Are you too a rat in this race? (There are few who don’t participate in this race. They sit back and mutely watch the race around them, which paces up with a maddening speed. The racers usually label these spectators as either ‘lazy’ or ‘losers’!!!)


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