The ‘Soft’ Future of the Auto Industry


The automobile industry has seen many changes ever since its inception but every time in history any field has the moment of reinventing itself for survival and to see the light of the future. Auto industry is almost at the brink of it.

The dwindling non-renewable fuel resources reserve coupled with the concern over controlling air pollution have pushed the car industry to ponder over the changes it has to bring forth. Awareness of carbon emission rates, which were once jargons exchanged within the scientific community has now become a matter of international concern. Solar cars haven’t proved promising yet but the hybrid cars have already into the market and their presence is already noticeable.




The natural evolution from the hybrid cars could only be all electric cars which are soon to wipe off the entire past of the automobile industry and waiting to chalk new history. Tech giants of the new millennia Google and Apple already have fervently started their R&D focusing on car designs of the future. Automatic cars are going to be the big bet beyond doubt in the next decade, and that’s not an over imagination but a reality waiting to happen.

The leading car manufacturers have already into their research in making fully autonomous cars aka driverless cars but the tricky part is this is something that can’t be achieved without the intervention of software. And any automaker however great in their fields have to seek the help of the software giants. This is a moment of dilemma for the auto makers because if ever an all-electric, completely autonomous car is developed and commercialized in the near future how would the revenues from it be shared, since two industries have actually collaborated to bring out the product?




Though the future cars (the body) are going to be build by the auto industries like they are done now, it is the software, most possibly with a good amount of artificial intelligence, that would be running inside will make them special. These cars would be nothing less than a crafted piece of metal without the software. If the software is going to be the heart and brain of these cars, the bodies of them build by the auto industries would merely reduce to hardware. Won’t it?

If so how will the auto industry likely ink its future without giving up its uniqueness? Will the auto industry destined to depend on tech industry forever to ensure their survival? Well, that’s getting interesting!


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