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Youth today are carefree, crazy, and frivolous. You might add plenty of such similar sounding vocabulary to give a glimpse of the society provided template of the typical youth today. The complaints mounted and charges leveled against the whimsical nature of youth have been echoing from all quarters in every era in history. Unlike the youths of yesteryear generation, the younger generation at present enjoys matchless technological assistance. The lamentations of the older generation pivots either around the misuse of the digital platform or upon using them as a mean to time kill.




There is no denying of the fact that a moiety of the younger generation is accessing the social networking platforms to vent their pressure that builds up in the stress filled lives. Cut chats, teasing and mocking within a close knitted group of friends, sharing selfies and troll/memes has become a part of their daily lives in the digital universe. But that is not all.

Amid these chatter boxes we too have a sizable number of no-nonsense youths who use the social networking universe in the best possible ways. Be it socially responsible thoughts and actions, promoting a good cause, publicizing any piece of information that benefits the society on a larger scale, what these young bloods are doing can evidently be called as activism through social networking. They remain focused in the cause they are working for and use the social network platforms to elucidate their motives, substantiate their ideologies spread the good and assemble necessary resources to realize the goal.

Thanks to the social media, individuals and organizations which believe that its certainly possible to make the world a better place, has lend a hand to turn dreams into actions. Social media is indeed becoming the best way to pool people whose thoughts are in unison and to actualize the meaningful dreams.


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Reports on social change impact reveal the optimistic trend that is catching up among younger generation who believe that social change issues can be tackled better through social media and that is evidently a sign of change.

More recent example is the role the young volunteers played in the rescue operations during the Chennai floods that devoured the city last December. The otherwise carefree kids showed they always turn Saviors when needed and behind their fun filled, fun loving personality a socially responsible persona waiting to come out. The volunteers who pooled their resources had achieved it mostly having Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp as their main sources of communication.


Social Media


From friends who shared their experience we are able to understand that if ever the connectivity was alive throughout the calamity the volunteers would certainly have done much more. It is promising to note that among these volunteers we had even school going teens. The future ahead is brighter than we think and seems more promising than we expect it to be.

A revolution can very well start from a mobile screen also.


[ Sonetivist (n) – SOcial NEtwork AcTIVIST]


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  • I was wondering what a Sonetivist is. Glad to have been enlightened 🙂