‘The Two Party’ India


India has the maximum number of political parties in the world. No other nation could ever beat India in this regard. Having said this, if I say, as of now, in the current political scenario, we just have two parties in our country, you might doubt my sanity. But I firmly say there are only two of them- the ruling and the opposition.


Indian Politicians


The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by Dr. Singh was very desperate to open the Indian markets to foreign investors. A decade of NDA rule was clearly and openly flashed its corporate friendly attitude with pride. On all these years, the now ruling, BJP sat as the opposition, condemning and heavily criticizing all the NDA moves. But what has happened after BJP sailed over the Modi wave registering a sweeping victory? The simply shed their ‘opposition’ status and embraced the ‘ruling’ status.

The present government led by Mr. Modi has outsmarted the previous regime, has even gone to an extent of making the Congress camp envy, with his corporate friendliness.

While the congress let loose the prices of essential commodities sky rocketing, in one of his responses to the ever hiking price in rice and wheat prices, Mr. P. Chithambaram shamelessly said, “People don’t bother to pay Rs.15 for a bottled drinking water, but criticize when the price of rice per kg is hiked a rupee or two”. He was serving as the FinMin of the nation while he uttered this statement. Now recently the prince of congress Mr. Ragul has commented on Mr.Modi led government favouring more to corporate and abandoning the poor. What an irony?

The BJP which firmly opposed the FDI in retail is folding its sleeves now, to let the investments pour in every possible sector. ‘Make in India’ campaign stands atop every other campaigns. However hard I try to identify some difference between the economical policies of the previous government, which BJP as opposition had vehemently stood against, I find nothing different. Same dish with a different dressing.




On Oct 1,2012, the then Gujarat CM and now the PM of India, unleashed his criticism on an alleged 1880 crore rupee expenditure on Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s ‘undisclosed treatments’ and the travel expenses that added to it. He also had stated that if his charges on such ‘wasteful expenditures’ from the UPA government were proved wrong he would apologize to people openly. To one’s wonder in the same press release we get to read NaMo’s comment against UPA’s drive against FDI in retail sector. He reportedly had told, “…while America was trying to save its small businessman and shops, the Indian PM was leading the youth on a path of destruction”

Anyone who witnessed the recent R-day celebration would have noticed, the now much debated suit of PM bearing his name all over it. One could easily compare his two year old statements with the price of his suit now (reportedly it is said to cost around a million rupee) and agree with my arguments.

There are only two political parties in Indian sub continent; the ruling and the opposition.



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