Tiger is Back in GreenLand

SHER AAYA ! Pakistan’s new prime minister is in office. The party members of new premier Mr. Nawaz Sherif call him as TIGER (The electoral symbol of his party). SHER AAYA – Literally means TIGER IS BACK.

Pakistan, first time in the history on its own, found the democracy and regime completing a full time. It is unusual in Pakistan. Pakistan was too brave to conduct elections under the threat of Talibans Extremist- who stood against elections or to be precise against so called Democracy. They considered elections as anti-religion of their own.

Imran Khan, the former cricket captain, became opposition in politics in the much awaited election. Eery pakistani leader did suspended he campaign for a day , because of him. Yes, because of him. Imran khan did get hurt when he loosed balance to get into a stage setup by his party for election campaign. The election ethics and great discipline of pakistani politicians proved that they can master the politics even ethically.

Nawaz swept the elections but did not reach the half way mark. But it is a huge success for the experiment of democracy in Pakistan. Pakistan, a country which can be remembered only for the reasons of bad can be associated for its thirst towards democracy and its brave people putting democracy first. The army acted with maturity. The people of pakistan even under the threat for life, for casting vote put the democracy first. They are the champions of democracy.

End of the day, Nawaz became the master of the land. Wishes poured to him from every end of the world. Even before the election results officially,  Mr. Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime minister of India congratulated him. The soar relations between India and Pakistan did not require any introduction. They did fight over Kashmir for three times. Last time for Kargil in Indian administered kashmir. Nawaz was then prime minister, refused to be aware of the intrusion into the Indian soil, by his own army. Later it was proven to be fact.

The economy of Pakistan is in bad condition. Indian and china did get benefit out of Globalization. Pakistan, miserably failed in Economic. Pakistan needs a statesman for politics, need a best financial expert for economics and calculative external affairs minister.

World is watching Mr. Sher (Mr.Tiger). Hearty welcome to the world of democracy for Paksistan


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