TN Elections: Bouncing Back DMK!

Image result for dmk stalinIt was almost decimated few years back. DMK, the first political party from Dravidian ideology since the demise of justice party, faced tough charges five years back.

It was not even 5 years back, but in the elections for parliament held couple of years back – DMK’s account was empty. Jaya’s ADMK is nation’s third largest party in the current lok sabha of the nation.

It was MK Stalin, the son and political heir of DMK Chief Karunanidhi – took effort religiously. His effort has paid well.

Tamil Nadu, Land of Dravidian politics always faced elections with arithmetic in mind. But this time, both the major Dravidian parties were left with no choice to go almost with no strong partners. Congress is a dwindling party per the last election results.

The latest surveys show DMK has got back its hold in the Dravidian politics. MK Stalin, who is seem to hyper active these days is trying his level best to bring the party to St. George fort [The secretariat of Tamil Nadu].


On the other side, the DMDK which should have become tough contender to ADMK and DMK is not performing up to the mark. But still it has time and space.

The Election manifesto of DMK is pro-people. There is a complaint from PMK, another corner of the election contenders stating- This is copy, paste of their manifesto.

DMK rides on its manifesto too. DMK calls it as hero of the election. Stalin calls it as Super hero, while Anbumani – CM aspirant from PMK calls it as Stolen hero.

On any case, PMK seem to be threat in few seats for both the Dravidian parties. The third front called as DMDK – PWF(People Welfare Front) too bags average of 10 p.c vote across the state.

Even after all these arithmetic issues, DMK is bouncing back. They may or may not come to power. But they are back on board.

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  • Subhadip Mukherjee

    Very interesting political situation…

  • sunita

    I do see a deluge of DMK ads in Sun TV. Stalin has reworked on the strategy and now his tone is like Modi’s development mantra and so many similar agenda