TN: Flooded due to Mismanagement?


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The classical history of Tamils says a story which is totally different from the present day scene of capital of Tamil nadu. Cholas are considered to be water management architects. It is being said by few sources that the water management of Khmer dynasty of Cambodia was inspired by Cholas.

But let’s get into the scene of present day Chennai.

Chennai, one of the four major metros of the nation is flooded with heavy pouring on a rainy season. The rainfall, Chennai is experiencing now is not because cyclones like Tsunami. This is increase in rainfall than expected in a rainy season. Though the state government has done good job in rescue operations, the water management seems to be failed dangerously.

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Rescue operation: A Senior citizen is being rescued.

Tamil Nadu and Tamil history is filled with water swallowing the land. The famous literature Manimegalai speaks about the disappearance of Poompukar, then financial capital of the Tamil region. Poompukar was fully submerged into ocean. The Continent, Lemuria seemed to be inhabited by Tamils submerged in water.

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subway – submerged

Tamil Nadu is dangerously threatened by water, numerous times. Tamil nadu being a coastal state, time immemorial faces issues from water bodies. But the city’s planning and development authorities have not taken note of the past. The water bodies are swallowed by realtors. The lakes are now called apartments because of them.  CMDA (Chennai Metro Development Authority ) and Corporation of Chennai failed miserably in water management for last few decades. The other cities of the state are also following the same pattern. Most of the government bus constructions are built on lakes with no hesitation from the corporations and the state government.

It is time for the state to learn from the mistakes and to improve its water management. The disaster management also has to be strengthened. The present disaster management is manageable but not appreciate able.

It is time to learn.


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  • sunita

    All metros are in the same boat and they are winking due to poor town planning and gross violation of rules by civic bodies and citizens alike!