Tamil Nadu: Teaching in High Decibels & Matured Silence

A State and culture always known for its uniqueness has once again taking its space to express in the national arena with no hesitation. I am constantly watching the Tamil society of India which can teach too quite a lot of morals with high decibels and matured silence.

Jallikattu : Our Culture, Our Right

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The first state in the union which opposed the “One Nation, One Language” theory always took the flag of self-pride. Jallikattu, though became part and parcel of too many legal struggles across the nation did not bow down but maturely waited for three long years with heavy silence for the victory of active legal war. Tamils particularly, youngsters flooded in Marina to state that ‘We are matured, silent but strong and make you to hear us and bow’.

Jaya: A Death which showcased political maturity Image result for mk stalin on jayalalitha death
TN politics was almost considered to be 3rd rated. TN Politicians were considered as personal enemies to each other in the national politics. But it is not true. Untimely demise of Jaya, the AMMA of the state proven that image is incorrect. MK Stalin – Her Foe in politics rendered a taller homage than anyone expected.

Panneer Selvam: Silent Rebel

Image result for tamil nadu legislature paintingPost Amma, it is turbulence which is prevailing in TN politics. Until this time, O.Panneer Selvam (called OPS by most in the state) never uttered any harsh word against his opponents.

But OPS factor has brought a very big issue into center stage in Indian politics. Enabling secret polling of vote in assembly for members of legislative assembly for a trust vote. As Tamil states, Lets speak non spoken.

The Secret casting of vote is not in practice even in parliament. But the OPS factor makes to understand the justification behind it. High Decibel DMK too protested for the same.

Most critics state “It is justified in the present scenario”. How the law is going to stop someone doing a remote politics is also coming into center stage when the directing personality is accused in India’s Super Big disproportionate asset case. There are too many lessons coming from assembly of TN.

Hydro Carbon: Super Methane

The Youngsters of TN are once again gathering and this time for Centre’s insolent project of Hydro-Carbon. The TN people won’t anymore accept the hand crafted play of the state and central government. Previously, the people of Tamil Nadu forced to shelve the hazardous methane project.

It is time for rest of India to watch and acknowledge TN a little more. It is good for the union to redefine its age-old principles.


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