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I would like to call this section, an attitude -cleanser. You may have to break stereotypical thinking. Stop following the paths you know, and make your own, leaving a trial. Read them. Feel them. Relax & recharge yourself.


Addressing Gender Equality – The First Step

  Unlike her mother, my mother was a working woman. She was a teacher.  Besides her working hours she doubled as a homemaker taking care of us and the home. My dad was relatively liberalized...


The Rat Race Loop

    Life is precious. It’s a rare gift. You should strive hard to deserve that gift… Work hard! Earn More! Live Happier! … This might probably be the words of a motivational speaker; a...


Brewing the Liquor Culture

  Drinking and the attitudes towards the consumption of alcohol vary across culture.  Over the years, human beings invented various ways of brewing alcohol and distilling spirits and drinking has been an integral part of...



I dedicate this article to the two most enriching women in my life, my mother and my best friend Deeksha. While HE is just a Human Entity, SHE is a Strong Human Entity (or read...