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Kaththi – Corporate vs. Agriculture

Kaththi, literally means knife in Tamil. Kaththi is brain child of 100 c club Amir Khan Starrer Gajini director AR Muragadoss. Kaththi’s protagonist is Vijay, a young mass hero of Tamil industry. Kaththi alias Kathiresan...


Jigarthanda: A Slap on the System

Jigar means Hot and Thanda means cold. A hot movie on a cold blooded gangster. If you believe in the second sentence of this article, It is untrue at least for the Jigarthanda made in...


Pirates of the Silicon Valley (1999)

Computers were the royal sophistication reserved only for research institutes, scientific labs and giant corporations. Not until the 80s the commoners were able to lay their hands upon them. The history of personal computers (PCs)...