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How good would it be, if there is a platform to write things straight from the heart? Open slate is a perfect shade to rest my thirsty soul. In this ground I shall share anything under the sun. A loaf of reality, a bowl of humanity, a spoonful of philosophy, a glass of psychology and a pinch of lucid dreaming sprinkled over, would make a perfect dinner for the thoughtful mind. Lessons from the past, realizations of the present, expectations for a better future-open slate has it all. Well, I’m the host. Be my guest.


What Slows India? – Part II

(Does what one intend to write and their course of life entwined in one way or the other? It keeps me wondering, how I who was writing on a regular basis wasn’t able to site...


Ruminations on the Unavoidable Truth about Evil Cults

On August 25th, many Indians took to social media to express their shock over the violence across Haryana, killing at least 30 people and injuring more than 250. The violence started after the quasi-religious sect...


What Slows India? – Part I

  India is one of the two largest pool of human resources, the other being China. These two Asian giants are on the top among the fastest growing economies in the world. India is said...


Cultivating Hunger

Years back when I first came across a book titled ‘Cultivating Hunger’, in a used books exhibition sales, I got carried away by the title and I grabbed it instantly. This doesn’t happen usually with...

Digital Reading Vs Conventional Reading 2

Digital Reading Vs Conventional Reading

Few years back, one of my friends who had bought an e-book reader kept sharing about his reading experience. He began to hint the positive side of digital reading, during our chats. Every now and...