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How good would it be, if there is a platform to write things straight from the heart? Open slate is a perfect shade to rest my thirsty soul. In this ground I shall share anything under the sun. A loaf of reality, a bowl of humanity, a spoonful of philosophy, a glass of psychology and a pinch of lucid dreaming sprinkled over, would make a perfect dinner for the thoughtful mind. Lessons from the past, realizations of the present, expectations for a better future-open slate has it all. Well, I’m the host. Be my guest.


Cultivating Hunger

Years back when I first came across a book titled ‘Cultivating Hunger’, in a used books exhibition sales, I got carried away by the title and I grabbed it instantly. This doesn’t happen usually with...


Does Literature matter?

    Whenever a discussion is on a language at some point, too early in the discussion, it turns into literature. In fact a discussion on any language will remain incomplete without bringing in literature...