TRANSforming the Ideologies






Being no one amid everyone is the worst ever status a human being can face. Hurt throughout, forever humiliated, transgender are the people who are denied of social status and equal treatment for ages. Proscribed from being them, the social stigma stings them continually. Their life is no different from that of the slaves. Despite transforming into a more civilized community, the discrimination and rejection is what transgender community face all over the world. There has been much awareness created around gender equality not much is talked about transgender equality, since many aren’t even recognizing them as another gender. Human mind which is much trained with binary opposites decodes gender differences as just male and female.

It would be a shocking surprise to notice even USA- often quoted for spearheading modern thoughts and initiations- has never considered transgender in any of its national census. While the public health departments try to estimate the transgender population they are nowhere to refer from available data but start from scratch. It is sad that even these attempts are made only with regard to the studies and surveys on the prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This is just an example to quote. Any nation is no way different from this stand.

In a multi cultured, multi lingual country like India, it has taken more than six decades for a transgender to take up a government competitive examination. (Creofire has already reported it. There has been a prolonged plea and constant fight for equality from the transgender community and supporters. The constitution of India that recognizes the need for the upliftment of the victims of caste discrimination and that which recognizes the religious minorities and empowers them to have special reservations in educational and employment opportunities had by far only ignored the transgender community.


Trans Equality (2)


April 15th has turned out to be a day of historical importance for the transgender community in India. On the landmark ruling SC recognizes them as the third gender and thus upholds their right to self-identify gender. Also a bench of Justice K.S.Radhakrishnan and Justice A.K. Sikri has directed the state government s to treat them as the third gender and ensure their safety in their respective states. This has been welcomed with open arms by the entire Trans community amid jubilation. But this is just the beginning. Addressing the social stigma behind the discrimination of the transgender ought to follow immediately. This is the most important spade work, the need of the hour.

Have your parents ever educated you about the transgender? Or have you, as an elder, ever attempted to educate your child about them?   We all as kids were only taught about the binary gender; man and woman. We have never been informed about this even in schools. Uninformed younger generation could never be expected to treat the Trans equally, but will only continue the humiliation. The transgender outcasts will always be the subjects of societal mockery and victims of ridicule.


 Trans Equality


The first step towards qualifying the society that accommodates the Trans community with ease is to educate today’s children about the ternary logic of genders. This should be initiated right from kinder garden level. Only this would make the future generation to accept Trans as an integral part of their social lives and end the Transphobia that is predominant in the current scenario.


Remember the voice for Human Rights will never be complete without addressing Trans Rights.


Behind their annoying claps in public places and the skimpy dress codes, you can see the agony of being no one ever inscribed on those eyes. Have you ever…?



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