Immaculate Italy – Part 1

My wondrous travel experiences in the Western European nation, Italy

Roam in Rome : Landed at around midnight at the FCO airport of Rome,my wife and I got a fell of Dejavu (Yes, similar to India, the taxi guys stood and were calling the passengers for the drop ;). Just like how we ignore the initial lot of them and search and find the last cab driver in India, we tried but to our dismay there wasnt any last cab instead there was a nice airport shuttle which dropped us in our hotel for free. After a decent sleep, both of us quickly finished our breakfast and started our roam in Rome.

Vatican was our first target. Long queue to enter the St. Peter’s Basilicca but it was a very well deserved wait. One of the finest, richest and beautiful place with a lot of details to appreciate. A kind of serene prevailed in spite of a huge crowd – Divine.

Next was the Gladiator aka Colosseum. Thanks to Ridley Scott who has indirectly popularized the place to the next level. Though the place had seen some ruthless killings, the architecture is spellbound. The most important part is the audio guide without which its like a movie on mute.


Alongside the Colosseum was the Forum which mimics the “Aayiram Kal Mandapams” (1000 beams) of Tamil Nadu.

The list to roam in Rome continues with the attractions such as Del pappolo, Spanish Steps etc but our legs were craving for rest and hence we limited the tour of Rome there. To completely cover Rome, I must say a traveller needs an easy and minimum 4 days.

We then moved on to Pisa.

Perfect Pisa – Wonder why I kept the heading as Perfect Pisa? Because this is the perfect spot where massive crowd is pulled to see an imperfect architecture. The first and interesting thing we saw here was the galore of poses. Some pushes the tower, Some pulls the tower, Some kicks it and so on. Leaning Tower of Pisa encourages and enriches the creative side of the crowd like no other atraction could do 😉 Jokes apart, this white marvel is worth a watch as it is one of its kind and on a good weather, a 2 GB card on a SLR can just be over in front this white beauty.


Now that this blog has tasted some arch stuffs, the second part is for Romance . Yes, Florence and Venice it is. Also, I will reveal the reason behind the choice of the title.Watch out for this space.

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