Travel Blog : Spectacular Scotland – Part 1

Hello Folks. Back again with a travel blog after my Italy one. This time its one of the most amazing place on earth – Scotland.

I should consider myself lucky to have worked in this country for a while as I got an oppurtunity to travel around this scenic beauty whenever I get time.

In this part 1 of my blog, I will share my travel experience and some travel information about one of the islands of Scotland that I visited.

Scotland though a small country is actually a collection of 800 islands. Many travellers choose to visit the prominant and famous ones such as Isle of Skye or Isle of Wight (a lot of our Indian movies have already covered them) but I visited yet another small and less prominant one called Isle of Arran not once but twice.

Just think about a place where you dont have much specific attractions instead the whole place in itself is scenic and spectacular – Thats what I would describe Isle of Arran as. Roughtly a 40 minutes Ferri ride from a nearby shore called Ardrossen Harbour, this island is a walkers and bikers paradise. The frst time I went with my friends, we stayed here for a weekend and it was perfect for us. A Bed and Breakfact facing the waters, a mini supermarket where you shall get the basics, Delicioud food serving restautants along the waters, Bike hires and walk paths to cover the entire island, one castle and a local brewery to visit as well – that was our plan. The best memory was the bike ride of us. 6 friends, each of us in a gear bike pedalling the sloppy hills (hills as seen in the picture of this blog) and capturing the beauty both on our eyes and on our camera.

The next time was a romantic getaway for me with my wife. This time, it was no bike instead we covered the on foot. Starting from the shore, then on to the green golf course, followed by the hills and then we finised the walk with a fantastic dinner and the speciality item was the orange – carrot soup.
We have never enjoyed any walk so much till date – Bliss.

I will cover the next part of my blog about the Exotic Edinburgh. Watch out for this space readers.

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