Trucks on Trains: Konkan Idea

A drop of petrol is costlier in India compared to most of the Asian nations. Saving petrol is an idea that is being recommended in the oil deficit sub continent.

Leveraging the usage of Trains which run on diesel (still a petroleum product) can comparatively reduce the oil usage. The efficient use of fuel in Train is much higher compared to Trucks and buses. The Indian railway is the biggest railway network in the world. The Railway is being fully managed by the government of Indian union.

The Idea of bringing down the usage of Petrol in Trucks and make an easy hassle free transport for trucks was an idea formulated by Konkan railways, one of the units of Indian railways, that connects the financial capital of India Mumbai and Mangalore. The idea was named RORO – Roll On, roll off. This Scheme has enabled Konkan railways to carry 22000 trains every year.

This experiment has seen a huge success from the start. It was started by 1998. The truck drivers were finding difficulty in driving through the route which was having poor commuting conditions.

The first RORO ran from Kolad in Maharastra to the neighboring Surathkal in Karnataka. The truck drivers are very happy about the scheme. Konkan Railways received kudos from the truck drivers.

konkan-railway-corporation-roll-on-roll-off-systemThe NH-17 which is actually running on the same route is being less used against the RORO by truck drivers. The Indian idea is solving issues of the truck drivers from then on. There is an advertisement running in India by a telecom company stating – ‘What an Idea Sirji?’. This idea is one such.

Most educated elites constantly criticize various Indian government units. The Government units are trying to do their level best. Maruti, the automobile giant in four wheelers has reached this position not just because of the Japanese automobile stake holder Suzuki but also by the government of India’s idea to uplift it.

We may  hopefully wait for Indian railways to bring more great ideas.