Tulu – a language in Danger


Indian Union which saw restructuring of states in 1950’s has created states on the basis of languages. Linguistic states came into existence in 1950s.

Andhra Pradesh was the first state created under language label. India started having language based states.

Karnataka was formed for Kannadigas. The languages with lesser population did not get their share properly. Tulu and Kodava are few to name.

Tulu Language3

The southern literature calls Tulu as a pleasant language. Administrative reasons are main reason for not creating a state for such a less population. But the right for the language to live was not granted properly in the Indian union.

Tulu medium schools are not popular. There are people, whose caste has Tulu in their caste names. But they are not speaking Tulu. Tulu speakers are mainly in Karnataka. Tulu origin people are in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

India’s famous Miss World pageant winner Aishwarya Rai speaks Tulu as her mother tongue. India’s versatile actor Prakash Raj comes from Tulu family.
Tulu is one among the dozen plus Dravidian languages of the Nation. Tulu did not get the share it deserves to get. Tulu has not been recognized by the state and the centre.

The language is in danger now. Tulu has only speakers in thousand and it is in verge of dying sooner. Prakash Raj is settled in Tamil Nadu. Aishwarya Rai is settled in Mumbhai. They both have very less opportunity to speak their mother tongue, same with most of the Tulu speakers.

Keeping Tulu alive is not a difficult task in the internet technology savvy world. It is responsibility of the government of Karnataka to save the language. The language need to get popularity at least with the native population of the language.

Loosing languages are not new to India. India lost Sanskrit, one of the best languages ever produced by the human world. Sanskrit is mother of European languages per European scholars.


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