Two worlds at the Cross Road



Men are from Mars and Women are Venus, beyond doubt, has become an overused phrase. Whenever the topic on human behavioral differences arises, it shapes up only as a debate on gender differences. But the world of a child and that of an adult have stark contrasts and is equally important to understand and address it. Yet, it remains hardly explored.



Every adult was once a kid, who lived the same fanciful, fun filled, carefree life like any other. But as we grow up the colourful memories of our own childhood fades away with the adult mind already shrouded with enough and more responsibilities and goals to be achieved. The adult life suppresses all the childhood wishes and fancies and over it the challenge of designing a prosperous future is written, perhaps with an indelible ink.

The ‘Yesterday’s child’ is the ‘Present parent’. As adults most of us, over the course of time lose the ability to understand the child from his/her point of view. Sometimes, even if we do, we tend to lose our track with them owing to our busy ‘adult’ lifestyle. A child’s world is ever colourful. But as adults we often don’t have the urge to look through this kaleidoscopic world, because the social grooming has reserved something for the children only and has stamped them as childish, if pursued by adults.



The mind of a Child

A kid’s imagination is raw and limitless. The above image seems a fitting example of child’s perception of reality. This clarifies the fact that, a child’s reality is always mixed up with a good dose of imagination and fantasy. Often, most of us, in the mood on any given instantaneous moment, are not capacious enough to comprehend and understand this simple fact. With a pestering child tailing us in our homes reiterating a silly obligation, beyond a point of time, is viewed only as a trouble. We often fail to realize a simple reality. For a child everything is serious. The curiosity of child views nothing as silly.

Understanding a child is never possible without understanding the nature of their world. In other words, understanding a child begins from the moment we begin to look the world through their eyes. The entire idea of child psychology focuses on guiding and enabling the adults to coexist with a child in his/her world, so that guiding them to the adult world could be done in graded steps. This transition has to be smooth. If not the damage would be irreparable.


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  • Purba Chakraborty

    So true! Well written. Adults often fail to understand the fanciful world where a child lives.

    • Jo

      Sadly yes! Adults must first understand the world of a child. Seeing through the ‘eyes of a child’ is the only way to bring them up in the right and best way.

  • Right said. Its strange that as kids, we crib that our parents don’t understand our point of view however, as parents we often repeat those very mistakes!

    • Jo

      Mm.. Yes pal. Forgetfulness is not a gift in every case. Certainly, not in this perspective.