May be, we would be witnessing a history when this blog is published. Yes, the Scot referendum results would be out and the answer for the million dollar question ‘Would Scotland be out of UK?’ would get its answer. Opinion polls say that there is 50-50 chance, of course there is still a huge list of skeptical heads who could make a difference either side.Scotland-Edinburgh-bagpipes-HQ-2013-pv

Why am I so inquisitive? Because, for me, Scotland is more like a home away from my home. Fantastic four years of mine were passed there and I love every bit of this brave heart land. I have seen and heard a lot from various Scots during my entire tenure on the case of independence from UK.

Whats my take on this case? Hmmmm… There are merits and demerits on either case. A voice in me says, Independence would be moral boost and sense of satisfaction for the Scot patriots but at the same time another voice in me asks some vital questions such as, ‘When will the independent country join  the European Union?’, ‘What would the level of control for Scotland?’ etc..

Yes campaign says ”More Powers”

No campaign says ”Better Together”

As an outsider, I have my take and also just to double confirm that luck is also favoring my take, I tossed a coin which showed a HEADS as I expected.

What I fixed on HEADS is a little secret inside me 😉 and whatever be the result is, May the best happen for Scotland.

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