No End in Sight: The Unheard voice of TN FARMERS!

TN farmers

Debt-ridden Tamil Nadu farmers protest in Delhi with the skulls of dead farmers

Right from the beginning, the Tamil Nadu government didn’t have the heart to recognize the increasing number of farmer’s death in the state. The worst drought in the last 144 years gave the farmers only choice of suicide. Even after nearly 400 farmer deaths in the delta region, a Tamil Nadu minister shamelessly stated that they all committed suicide due to some personal problems. Only when the High Court interfered in the matter, the Tamil Nadu government announced relief measures. However, the relief measures didn’t even uplift the farmers from small part of their difficulties. Now TN farmers are holding on to their lives and took to the streets in Delhi (at Jantar Mantar). They are  fighting to save their noble livelihood,   hoping their voice will reach the dispassionate and apathetic state and central governments (the protest is going on for nearly three weeks).

TN, which is developed state compared to most of the states of the nation is seeing such a hue and cry to save agriculture. TN agriculture was mostly depend on river for long time. The ground water pumps are not reliable since the period of kings in the state.

The water management of Tamils was highly appreciated in the history. But that’s only history now. The state is facing a drought due to mismanagement of water by the state government and the central government which is not acting at all. TN is yet to get the due for Flood, Drought and VARDAH CYCLONE and so on. The Central government which tried to have cordial relation with former Chief Minister J. Jeyalalithaa in the past looks to be utilizing the vacuum created in the state by projecting state government is not acting properly. Everyone is aware that there is a leadership crisis exist in the governance of the state. No one is denying it. Almost half a month, there was no real chief minister in the state and governor was foreseeing the state in the recent past. But Center did not help or did not be active on those period too.

Since TN is a Dravidian bastion, the national parties did not focus much on the state. But this is danger for the union of India. If National parties take this stand, it would hurt the concept of India in long run. If BJP want to grow in the Dravidian land, it has to start helping farmers who are at huge loss at the moment in this century. When Prime minister of the nation can understand the pain of farmers of Uttar Pradesh and can act as mouth piece of the state unit for announcing the election promise for discount of agriculture debts – it is his duty to hear the voice of farmers of other states too.  Is the concept of ‘Team India’ – the dream child of the PM — is dead? In UP, it was PM who spoke for farmers not BJP state unit leaders. It is time for the PMO to hear the voice of farmers. Agriculture is foremost importance than politics.

SAVE Agriculture! Stand with FARMERS!!!


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