Unique Prime ministers of India – II

Mr. Pamulaparti Venkata Narasimha Rao, the first south Indian prime minister of the nation was famous for not smiling even at required occasions in the nation.

“Smiling is dangerous for the health (of PM)

Mr. Rao can be easily caricatured easily with non smiling face. Mr. Rao was the first non Gandhi family prime minister of Indian National Congress since Indira Gandhi  took over the congress.

“The first BJP Prime minister of India”

Mr. Rao was a strong Hindu than a strong congress man. He was called to be first BJP prime minister by few on lookers for failing to act with masculine power at the time of Babri masjid demolition. The demolition spoiled the hindu-muslim equation in the nation, second to the partition of the nation into India and Pakistan in 1947. He did say in private to the politics “We can fight against BJP but not against Ram, he is God”

Mr. Rao was very bad at understanding the ground realities. He terribly paved the way for pushing out congress from the Indian Parliament on his tenure end. Mr. Rao who did not speak or smile is the first of his kind in nation’s politics to play a first silent and non-smiling prime minister of the world’s largest democracy. But his tenure kick started courageous economic reforms in the nation.

“ Inheritance of Facebook”

Mr. Rao who inducted Mr.Manmohan Singh in his list of ministers as Finance minister of the nation might never imagined his student will inherit his silence and will become prime minister for two times consecutively. The page Mr. Manmohan Singh took from his masters life book is Face. Mr. Singh smiles but will not speak that is the major inheritance he did acquire.

Mr. Manmohan Singh inheriting from Mr. Rao

Mr. Manmohan Singh inheriting from Mr. Rao

Mr. Rao was highly talented with his multilingual skills. He was good at handling India’s external affairs and defense than his predecessors. He was good at handling the economy too. He was bold but not beautiful. He was not a mass puller. But he was highly talented.

Mr. Rao was installed as Prime minister after Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Sriperumbudur, near to Chennai, the capital city of southern state of Tamil Nadu.

But Mr. Rao was not able to use the opportunity. If he might have used the opportunity properly congress might have seen continuously a non-Gandhi influence prime ministers.

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