Unique Prime ministers of India – III

Ravan, the king of lanka in Ramayan Era thought that his long sleeping brother Kumbakarna will save him and his country from Rama in the war. But Kumbakarna failed and lanka lost the battle. The Story was same, when India installed Mr. Deve Gowda as the prime minister of the nation.

Mr. Deve Gowda can be equated to KumbaKarna for the sleeping capability only. Mr. Deva Gowda, who was first south Indian prime minister from a non congress party made headlines for sleeping in public events. Mr. Gowda sleeping the event was normal.

Mr. Deve Gowda was heading a coalition government backed by Indian National congress then headed by non-Gandhi Family member Mr. Sitaram Kesari. Kesari literally means lion. Mr.Deve Gowda was swallowed by the lion for handling the congress.

Mr. Gowda was strangely supported by the left parties of the nation too which then had leaders like 25 years plus chief minister of the state west Bengal – Mr. Jothi Basu and the Mr. HarKishan Singh Surjeet.

Mr. Gowda has to dance for a tune which is good for both. The Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) did not have any role to play except to sit in opposition. The equation of Mr. Gowda with Mr. Kesari was not good. It was souring for times. At one point of time, the thin line was broken.

The Communist party did not want to give chance to BJP to come to power at any cost on those days. Even today Communists has the same line of thoughts. But the anti congress mode is increasing in the left camp.

The sleeping south Indian did move out of the prime minister post and started playing domestic politics in his own state of Karnataka.

The nation missed another opportunity to go in the middle path. A Non-Congress and Non-BJP rule has become null even now. An opportunity missed is an opportunity created for the other.

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