Unique Prime ministers of India – I

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Mr. Manmohan Singh

Mr. Manmohan Singh

Did you read the best quote from the prime minister of India? That is at the beginning of this article. India did see lot of unique prime ministers. Probably, the most spoken by the media for handling the prime minister designation is Mr. Manmohan Singh. Mr. Manmohan Singh mentored by the non-smiling prime minister of the nation Mr. PV Narasimha Rao.

The Economist prime minster is not vocal. He is the perfect symbol of Power of Silence. Mr. Singh, a highly talented Economist is more under rated politician in the history of the nation even after handling prime minister post for two terms consecutively in a coalition era where a prime minister get very less leg room.

The Economist prime minister did not break his silence even when economy was broken to unexpected level. But he speaks on economic issues relatively more than political issues. He is a finance minister sitting in a prime minister chair and seeing the economy touching its lowest levels – An unfortunate thing for an economist prime minister.

“Please put your phones on Manmohan Singh Mode”

Mr. Singh’s name Manmohan Singh has become synonyms for the word silence. Mr. Singh was called to be remote controlled prime minister by his critics.Mrs. Sonia Rajiv Gandhi, the supreme leader of congress controls Mr. Singh from her residence at No. 10 Janpath Road in New Delhi.

It is difficult for any one to be in the shoes of Mr. Manmohan singh including Mr. Singh himself. Mr. Singh has rendered a statement recently stating the deputy general secretary of the party and the son of Mrs. Gandhi – Mr. Rahul Gandhi has all qualities to become India’s prime minister. Looks Mr Singh needs release from the cage.

“Caged Parrot”

The Supreme Court of India has called The Central Bureau of investigation, the prime investigation agency of the nation as Caged Parrot. Looks the Mr. Singh is not even Caged Parrot. Mr. Singh is caged silent parrot.

The personal integrity and the intellectual capability of the economist prime minister can never be doubted. The turbulence in India politics wanted gap filler. Mr.Manmohan singh is playing the role of same.

Gap Fillers of the past

There were gap fillers in the past too. Mr. Deve Gowda, Mr. P V Narasimha Rao and Mr. IK Gujral were the best known gap fillers. The series would try to look at them too.

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