Urdu: An Unsung Poem

When former prime minister of India, Vajpayee travelled to Pakistan – he sang an Urdu Poem. The Hindu leader from BJP is a poet himself. He was able to get closer to Mian Nawaz Sherif of Pakistan who was the then prime minister of Pakistan.

India’s First Prime Minister Nehru’s Hindi was strongly influenced by Urdu. There were lots of Hindu poets who have sung poems in Urdu.

ghalibUrdu which is being looked upon as an exclusively Muslim language is a fabricated notion. Urdu is just associated with Muslims in the Indian sub continent. However Urdu is one of the most poetic languages in the world. Mirza Kalib was a great poet in the language. Tansen knows to sing in Urdu.

As Hindi is not Sanskrit, Urdu is not Arab, the language Quran is in. Urdu was a language of common people. But it was started getting forcibly associated with Muslims when polarization in Indian politics started.

Hindi was not first choice for National Language. It was Hindustani. Urdu is no way less than Hindi, is not enjoying the royal patronage Hindi is enjoying. The only reason is it is being attributed to Islam in the sub continent.

On inauguration of the Urdu Television Channel by Doordharshan, Manmohan Singh, the present prime minister opined that the channel was a delayed start indeed. As Urdu gets associated with Muslim, the Indian Hindus did not move towards it. But the truth is Urdu was used by great Hindu scholars before independence.

One thing always seems true in the world. Languages which get associated with a religion vanish from common usage easily. Sanskrit is the Deva Basha  (holy language) of Hinduism. Its common usage is almost nullified. Pali  language associated with  Buddhism has lost its breath too. Language of Gods always die. Human beings use only the language for human beings. But though Urdu can be associated with Islam, it stays as a language of Commoners in neighboring Pakistan.

A great treasure of Poetic beauty lies in Urdu. Urdu is more artistic. It would be great if Urdu comes out of association with Islam.

Let’s keep Urdu living.

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