US Spy Games – Hanging Daggers over the Future Foreign Relations




The NSA Surveillance programme of the United States gathers more and more opposition, home and abroad alike. Few days ago in the EU submit, the Germen Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Francois Hollande demanded the US to sign on ‘No-spying’ pact, and no wonder other members of the EU had welcomed the Franco-German plan.

Tim Weiner, the author of the book ‘Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA’, in his interview to the BBC has said that the National Security Agency has been offered with unprecedented power back in George W.Bush era after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Those were the moments of panic and chaos. Since then such agencies had been enjoying unmonitored powers that the judicial system itself is unable to have a check over.

The first bomb was dropped this June while Snowden revealed the world the NSA surveillance secrets that shook the world. The Americans back home lost almost their sense of freedom completely and found their privacy in serious predicament. Already the US having bulldozed by Wikileaks, Snowden’s revelation crashed it mercilessly. Obama’s men could not even face their people and pacify them with any of their explanations.




Germany and France are allies with the US for a long time now. While the news about the tapping of the phone calls of German Chancellor’s number since 2002 had shocked not only her but the rest of the US allies across Europe. France alleged that it strongly believes that attempts have been made in the past to hack into the Elysee Palace- the official residence of the French Presidents- attack back in May 2012. Albeit the officials have just denied the charges leveled against them just pointing their fingers to MOSSAD the intelligence agency of Israel, France couldn’t rule out its charge that easily.

In the wake of Merkel’s revelations the senate’s intelligence panel has called for a ‘total review’ of the US intelligence programmes, promised the Ms. Feinstein, who chairs the panel. She has also commented that evesdropping on the leaders of the friendly nations is ‘wrong’. She said in her statement, “It is my understanding that President Obama was not aware Chancellor Merkel’s communications were being collected since 2002. That is a big problem.”

Even if Mr.Obama claim that things have happened out of his knowledge, the senior officials have claimed that the pressure increases back in the White House on how could the Prez be not aware of things of such intensity that would jeopardize the foreign relationships of US.

Yesterday the representatives of the European Parliament’s committee members contacted the members of the US congress and shared the views over the alleged spying claims of the US against their leaders and people. The EU delegation is reportedly unhappy about the responses of the US officials and the media across Europe have slammed the US response. Spain newspaper EL Mundo claims that 60 millon calls back in Spain alone were tracked by the Surveillance programme, which the Spaniards are unable to stomach. In the wake of it Spain has summoned the US ambassador to Spain to discuss the spying allegations. If proved true, this would axe the chain of trust affecting the relationship of the two countries irrefutably. Back in home, Americans just can’t take that the honest tax dollars paid by them had been used to spy them, and they deserve our concern.

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