Uthama Villain : Pure Cinema


A commercial hero wanting to act in pure cinema. A man counting his last few days wanting to enact an immortal. New knot for Tamil movie industry and the movie with contradictions is titled as a contradiction Uthama Villain.

Readers, this is not a movie review instead a write up of a true cinema lover to show his satisfaction. I haven’t seen in the recent times a performance oriented tamil film like this. According to me, I saw a new dimension of story telling in this film. Two parallel stories running without any chaos. The placement of scenes between the two stories are genius. Say for instance, the star Kamal collapses and the next scene is the Saga Varam song sung by Uthaman character played by Kamal.


A different style of performance is also seen in this movie. Say for instance, when the star Kamal, to his son, breaks the news that he is dying, there is neither a loud cry nor any overacting expression. Instead, the boy slowly buys in the news and hugs his dad, cries subtly. Kamal pacifies the kid with a shrill voice and matured expression. Classy. To add more touch to this scene, fans from outside the house seeing this shouts something like Thalaiva super acting for which Kamal replies This is real and asks for privacy. This scene will make every audience cry. Kudos Kamal ji.

Balachander, the master scores a comfortable 100. I am a great fan of Barathiraja’s acting both in Aayutha Ezhuthu and Pandiya Nadu. Similarly Balachander rocks in his performance in this movie. I wish he could have done more roles in many other films. M.S.Baskar plays a beautiful character in this film and his emotional dialogue delivery is spellbound. The department of make up needs a special mention. Star Kamal looks fresh, Uthaman looks apt for the ancient time, Thayyam dancer Kamal is awesome.


Dialogues are phenomenal. The explanation given for word Villain (that its Tamil and not English) is catchy. Music and re recording suits the movie and takes the movie to the next level.

More importantly, what needs a full appreciation and support is the courage of one of the most dedicated actor Kamal to have come up with a script and screenplay like this. The movie is not commercial but Kamal, as a responsible actor has done full justice to the Tamil cinema industry and audience by taking their taste to the next level. Whether the movie scores in box office or not it would score the hearts of all pure cinema lovers for sure.

Why are such films taken only once in a blue moon? Its because of the box office prospects. Until the same story of revenge and mass fights of a hero hitting 100 villains run packed houses,  these kind of Uthama Villians would always be on the back. We compare Hollywood for everything but there, action movies like Fast and Furious runs great, Super heroes Avengers becomes a hit, thought provoking Interstellar becomes a hit, pure cinema like the Beautiful mind also is a hit. Here??? No words to describe.


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