Visit to European Parlimentarium

European Parliament is in action at three major locations of Europe. The three locations are Luxemburg, Brussels (Belgium) and Strasbourg (France). I am now located at Brussels. I decided to go to Brussels European Parliament. I am very much busy at weekdays . The day I went was a weekend and it was not a open day. But I can go to European Parlimentarium.

There is a statue holding the pride of Euro.

European Parlimentarium is museum which explains the history and future European Parliament and European Union. Parlimentarium is exactly opposite to European Parliment.

European Parlimentarium is designed to have three levels. The lower level has cafeteria, Role Play Game, Wishes for future, Today and Tomorrow. The middle level has Visions, Beginnings. The Upper level has Prologue with 24 official languages of European Union.

The Lower level café is more European, no continental stuff.

As soon as you complete security check, you can enter the parlimentarium. Admission is free to all. In Security check please place your metal belongings and walk through metal detector similar to most of the security checks.

Now, walk over left side and enter into expo. You will be greeted by staff and they will give you an audio guide which would help to guide you in the preferred language. English is supported.

All Staff speak sweetly in English with pleasing personality.

First you would be seeing models of all three parliaments. Your audio with earphone will explain the three parliament buildings.

Then, you will walk into the beginnings of European Union history. You will be able to see pictures from all spots of Europe.

Treaty of Paris is the first in history to explain to you, then the Coal and Steel of Europe Agreements. As usual UK the least beneficial of EU is pointed in the parlimentarium with facts. There are notes about outspoken Margret Thatcher, the ex-Prime Minister of UK, an iron lady per few UK citizens.

You are allowed to type your thoughts in a computer which appears in glowing light with your name and city in the wall to make you smile. You would like the 3D lighting in the same floor.

There are notes about major personalities. Historic videos are available all over the journey.

You can complete the Parlimentarium in couple of hours. Once you are done, return your audio device to staff.

You will now see shop and café. I did not see anything attracting to buy.

It was short and sweet. You can go once to Parlimentarium, if you come to Brussels and if you like history of European Union.

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