Walk Un-Touched! Walk Un-Attached!

Hong Kong 01 08 Tian Tan Buddha On Launtau Island

To me neither Buddha is god nor Buddhism is religion. I am reading Buddhism and Buddha for years. I admire Buddha to a great amount. I follow sometimes his words. I take him as my greatest teacher who taught life in the context of human world. He did leave open ended questions – which other religions may ask explanation for.

Buddha was specialist in human world issues and human problems. Buddhism is a movement to achieve it. Buddhas are scholars. Buddha believed in righteous. He advocated right way of life through his principles.

Buddha did recommend awareness of issues that can come in your life in case of you did not follow path of righteousness.

I met a lady almost age of my father – I think, they are of exactly same age. She said to me, she stopped eating meat after hearing Ashoka and Buddha when she was at school.

My Mom was named after a Buddhist monk, though we are not Buddhists.

Buddha is still a force driving righteousness in the world. Buddha was in search of truth. He found truth was inconvenient. He chose a middle path and recommended it.

Buddha believed in self defense both physically and mentally. Quite few days I am trying to think of Buddha to make the mind stronger. I and a Dutch friend of mine were discussing how to keep the internal energy non-drained because of external actors. She stated to me – it is difficult.

How to keep myself untouched and unattached? This is the biggest question running on the veins of my brain! I was considered  of such category by few of my friends and they are not completely aware my strong psychology is being confronted by worldly activities. I was and am honest in dealing mental questions.

Buddha advocates untouched and unattached to keep your mind cooler and stronger. He states the path to achieve. He gives suggestions to move on that path. He tries to prevent you from getting into disturbance than to act after it, which we miss most of the time.

To escape from death the best way is to avoid birth – is a strange policy. But it is a fact. To keep you away from worries try to keep away from extreme happiness. Every action has its equal and opposite reactions.

I am closing my eyes and whispering nothing is certain! Happiness is not certain and sorrow too. But peace is eternal – lets work towards it.


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