When Amma meets Modi … !


It is not surprise in a democratic framework – a head of the state meets the head of the nation. I mean, a chief minister meeting the prime minister of the nation is not a special thing. It is always expected in a democracy. But it becomes special for Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is considered to be one of the sweep states of the nation. Selvi. J. Jayalalithaa (a.k.a amma) is head of Tamil nadu. Amma meeting Modi is special for multiple reasons.

Amma is facing trial in disproportionate asset case in Supreme court. Amma is being doubted for the 570 Crore seized by the election commission and the income tax department of the nation. These may force amma to go towards Modi.


But Amma is the third largest party in the present parliament. She holds the bargaining power. She can be a deciding factor in coming vice president elections. Modi has less power in Rajya Sabha. Modi needs Amma more than Amma needs Modi. Amma has an edge over Modi.

Officially, it is being said – the meeting is in the interest of the state. The matters stated earlier here cannot be disclosed officially at least at this point of time.

The state congress unit has strongly came out of the visit and throws it share of doubts. For the most in the state, ADMK (Amma’s party) and BJP (Modi’s Party) are natural ally. It is matter of time. But time never came for the alliance until this moment. It was stated by few, people of Tamil Nadu voted for AMMA in parliament elections thinking it would help Modi.

After a very long time, Tamil Nadu is not being represented properly compared to its numbers in the Cabinet of the nation. But for now, the food for thought sponsored by Congress’ P. Chidambaram “BJP is B Team of ADMK in Tamil Nadu. ADMK is B Team of BJP in Center”

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Jayalalitha presented a 29-point memorandum to Prime Minister Modi, stressing on resolving a Tamil Nadu’s many water-related issues—setting up a Cauvery Management Board and also primarily exhibited her opposition to the goods and services tax . The other important stuffs in the memorandum requested the Centre to lift the ban on the bull taming sport of jallikattu and seek the return of Katchatheevu island from Sri Lanka.

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    Politics does make strange bed fellows..and narcissism rules