Wikipedia vs. United States


It is not only Wikileaks, even Wikipedia has issue with United States. Wikipedia(will  be called as Wiki, in rest of the article) is blocking the edits from United States Congress, House of Representatives.

There are very strong edits came from computers belong to House of Representatives. The edits are amazingly against America’s famous past presidents too.

Wiki has lodged a ten day ban starting around 24th July 2014 to block edits coming from IP addresses belong to United States Congress, House of Representatives.

John F Kennedy, Former President of US

Wiki is warning US since March 2012. Wiki Administrators called for a day ban in the past. But now, Wiki has announced for 10 days ban.

Wiki edits made by US Congress Staffs / members are of rouge. An Edit states, the former younger president of United States, John F Kennedy was killed by Cuban government. Per them, assassin was assigned this duty by Fidel Castro Regime of Cuba.

The Anti-Cuban lobby which does these edits go further, the Moon landing controversy was again sponsored by Cuba. Seems, Congress editors hate Cubans to an extreme.

Another Edit calls US former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld as ‘garden lizard who eats Mexican babies’

Donald Rumsfeld, Former US Defense Secretary

American Media News Site, Mediaite already ran a story on congress rouge edits. Now, there is an edit in mediaiate information in wiki by congress. It states ‘the site as sexist trans-phobic.

Wiki believes this kind of things is happening and will continue in the future too.

In the recent past, earlier this year Computers belong to United Kingdom government stated in an edit per few sources ‘all Muslims are terrorists’. This was discovered by BBC.

The Ban will be lifted sooner. But providing information which seems to be hypothetical is coming from world’s largest technical capital and freedom of expressions capital – The United States gives multiple signals.

But not all staffers can be blamed.

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    The US seems to be running into a lot of trouble these days.