Will the Grass Be Greener the Other Side?

Hello Readers. A friend of mine was cribbing about his job right from day 1. He had n no of reasons for hating his job, starting from his work location until its shuttle services. One of my juniors hated the work culture of my company and started to look out for jobs in market. An acquaintance of mine disliked her manager and hence opted for a different job. Well none of them are wrong but at the same time, let me think this way, how about my junior replacing my acquaintance’s position in his job shift; the crib would then be the manager for my junior instead of work culture and so the cribbing would still continue.


I did a detailed analysis of this job changes and my simple finding is that the grass might not be greener the other side in all cases. It depends. Let us take the example of IT industry to start with where we have maximum attrition. Unlike other fields, IT field has many offerings for employees such as onshore opportunity, new technology, various roles, high salary, promotion etc. If any one of the listed ones is missing for a IT guy, he sifts. period. But the million dollar question is that, is he happy in his new job? The one he missed might have been offered in his new job but he might miss here something else that he was enjoying in his previous job. I am not trying to say that job shift is bad instead my point is that, the reason for shift should be solid.

Financial Institution is the next industry. A nationalized bank makes an employee to transfer to many locations and so one shifts to private bank. Private banks have their big pile of targets and competition and so the work load is obviously more. So, a plus here would be a minus there.

In current trend, shift is a viable option when you really don’t get what you want on your current job. But there is an amount of risk involved in that and it must be calculated with caution. If you are really getting paid low for what you do or if your learning curve is not hiking at all or your work culture (be it due to the supervisor or due to company model) is too bad, probably a shift is a good solution rather than adjusting to the worst. But I see many associates these days shifting for the sake of shifting. Perception is, sticking on to the same company for long is out of trend. This is unhealthy both for the individual and the industry.

I know people who shifted jobs and came back to the first company again because of unrealistic expectations outside. So, list down all your expectations and ensure most of them (priority wise) would be met if you shift. To do this. we have the social networking now. LinkedIn is one of the best. Talk to the employees and then take a call. Its more like a student going abroad for pursuing masters enquire about the university to its alumni.

So, look before you leap and don’t assume the color of the grass on the other side.

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