WINDOWS facebooked at last !


After hitting the headlines for Wedding with Whats App it is time for the blue to hit the windows.


Facebook messenger is now available for Windows phone users too.  Facebook messenger App for android is available for long time. Windows did try its level best to make Facebook messenger to book the windows. Joe Belfiore, Vice President of Windows Phone Program management was hoping for this quite some time. He did his job well done in this case.

At 2014 GSM Mobile World Congress – Barcelona, Spain, Joe Belfiore expressed his faith. Windows was working with facebook to roll over the messenger for getting it to stick the tiles in Nokia Windows’ phones. Though Nokia X is an android phone, Nokia is the Windows phone of the windows by the windows from the windows for the windows.

Facebook owned photo & video sharing network Instagram, which hit Windows phone 8 some time back states a history – it took more than an year to get Instagram windows. Selfie of windows is known.


Facebook’s Instagram is that’s how tiled in windows. Facebook took much time in getting messenger in Windows. On the other hand, there are a talks stating that facebook may shut down facebook messenger once whatsApp is fully absorbed by facebook.


While WhatApp can be a good tool, it cannot be a replacement for facebook messenger. This is a well known fact. Instagram hit Windows in the year 2012 and in the year of 2014 now, the facebook messenger hit the windows.


Though I am using facebook in android, i think, the Windows users may like Facebook messenger. The reception of facebook messenger in the windows crowd is yet to be stated. But hoping it to be best.

Let see how many windows phone users are going to use facebook messenger.


Messaged J

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